What is Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive?

October 4th, 2018 by

Jaguar XF AWD


Finding a new vehicle to drive around the Dallas-Fort Worth area with all-wheel drive (AWD) isn’t that difficult. But finding a truly innovate and dynamic AWD system is a different story. The Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system is the combination of the Intelligent Driveline Dynamics and instinctive technology built around the baseline AWD systems. By combining these elements, Jaguar vehicles are capable of handling a multitude of driving scenarios with extreme precision and response. Let’s take a closer look at how this system operates.

A Truly Responsive System

The Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system still maintains a bias towards sending power to the rear wheels to keep that performance vehicle feeling. Depending on driving conditions, 100% power can be sent to the rear wheels, but this adaptive system can send the exact amount of power needed to the front wheels when the situation calls for it. Two aspects separate the Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel system from others, though: predictability and adaptability. Here are some highlights:

  • Unlike standard AWD systems, Dynamic All-Wheel Drive predicts traction loss which allows for preemptive, immediate distribution of torque where it is needed
  • The system is always on, constantly monitoring traction, wheel speed, etc. which allows adaptive changes to be made before any traction loss occurs
  • Advanced Electro-Hydraulic technology helps shift torque where it is needed in as little as 100 milliseconds
  • Completely integrated with all other traction and stability systems on the vehicle
  • Adaptive Surface Response detects differences in low-traction surfaces including mud, gravel, ice, and snow

No matter what driving situation you encounter around the Fort Worth streets, the Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system makes sure you have total control.

Which Jaguar Vehicles Have Dynamic All-Wheel Drive?

The Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system is available on the following Jaguar vehicles:

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